Secondary Battery

The challenge for the future of HyVisionSystem continues in the field of secondary battery assembly and inspection facilities.

2nd BATTERY Assembly & Inspection

"The challenge for the future of HVS continues in

the field of secondary battery assembly and inspection facilities."

HVS is also leading the market with its technology accumulated in the field of secondary battery assembly and inspection.

As batteries become smaller and lighter in addition to increased demand for high energy density and high capacity,

HVS' unique technologies are shining and are being used for a more convenient life and a cleaner future for mankind.

In the rapidly changing era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, secondary battery technology is rapidly developing.
The secondary battery field, which is changing the world by being used in electric vehicles, smartphones, and various portable devices,

is a very important business field for HVS.

Cellplate Vision Inspection

Based on HVS's know-how-intensive vision inspection technology,

it closely detects various factors affecting the quality of electrode plates.

System Use
Hyvision-Specific Technologies

Inspection of Positive and Negative Electrode Vision in the Secondary Battery Electrode Process
(Length, width, foreign matter, stamped, etc.)

  • Inspection of coating quality and lower part vision after coating and drying in polar plate coater facilities 

      - Inspection items: Length, width, and step inspection

                                             Detection of white spots, black spots, stripes, drag, contamination, etc
  • Self-developed Light Source / Controller

      - Illumination control, light source life management function

  • Repeater function for long-distance image transmission

  • Doppler application - Minimize errors due to slip phenomenon in the description

  • Integrated system management as a result of real-time inspection (MES interworking)

  • Application of AI ASIC-based NPU (Deep Learning)

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