Smart Comp. Tester

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Smart Comp. Tester

Hyvision is helping smart mobile devices do bmore with its unique technologies to efficiently assemble/test new
and smart data input devices such as 3D sensing and various sensors in smart mobiles


Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) are an infrared (IR) laser that emits infrared light to detect objects.
VCSELs with ultra-small size, high precision and low power are highly reliable in performance, compared to others.

Therefore, they are used for 3D recognition of smart devices, AR, and autonomous vehicle sensors (Lidar).

With Hyvision’ own reliable technologies,
it has been contributing to the safety of VCSEL users by providing the system to inspect the characteristics of the VCSEL light emitter and receiver.

Hyvision is enhancing test reliability through its Flying Vision technology based on its fundamental image processing technology.

To keep up with ever-evolving VCSEL 3D sensing technology, Hyvision also uses its precise vision recognition

and recognition rate optimization technologies based on a vision algorithm optimized for VCSEL testing.

System Use
Hyvision-Specific Technologies
Checking the characteristi
of light emitter and the receiver
  • Technology for spectrum and power inspection of the VCSEL emitter
  • Technology for building a test environment (IR light source)
  • Technology for Source Measure Unit (SMU), Open Shortest Test (OS) and TEC control
  • Technology for flying vision
  • Technology for precise vision recognition and recognition rate optimization by applying the optimized vision algorithm

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