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CCM Tester

Hyvision provides various testers as Active Alignment, Focusing, Calibration and Final Test
and acts as the global No.1 total solution provider of camera module testing


Camera images are obtained by projecting points in a three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional image plane. 

Therefore, there may be a difference between what we see with our eyes and the photos taken by a camera. 

However, if we see something different from what we see with our camera, we will question the basic performance of that camera. 

That's why we need a calibration system that can adjust the target to the standard. 

Camera distortion can be remedied by adjusting internal parameters (focal length, principal point, skew coefficient, etc.) 

and external parameters (e.g. rotation and translation-transformation between coordinate systems). 

As people can see a long/short distance through their left/right eyes, t

he Hyvision Calibration System is used to improve performance and to distinguish defectiveness through the Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF, PAF)

technology which is divided into left and right pixels. 

In addition, the system includes a color calibration function 

that adjusts the monitor's color temperature, brightness, contrast and gamma to a certain standard. 

The system is also used to extract and store data necessary for various production types. 

System Use
Hyvision-Specific Technologies
  • Lens Shading Calibration 
  • PAF Calibration 
  • AWB Calibration 
  • Extraction and storage of information necessary for various production types
  • Technology for generating information required by customers and for storing the information in modules
  • Technology for building a calibration environment
  • Technology for Parallel / MIPI (Single, Dual) / DP (Sing, Dual) image capture

"Lens calibration"

"Color calibration" 

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