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CCM Tester

Hyvision provides various testers as Active Alignment, Focusing, Calibration and Final Test 
and acts as the global No.1 total solution provider of camera module testing


 Recently, small-sized camera modules installed in smart phones and autonomous vehicles
 have gradually had a smaller size and a higher resolution.

 For these reasons, manually adjusting the lens focus of the camera module in a conventional way
 lowers the accuracy and increases the cost considerably. Therefore, the use of automated systems has become common.

The Hyvision Focusing & Bonding & Curing System is used for adjusting the focus of the lens precisely
 to obtain the clearest image by maintaining a constant gap between the image sensor and the lens. 

It performs the focus adjustment and related performance tests of the camera module
 to check for abnormalities and to fix the normally functioning camera module with UV. 

Even with the same system configuration, there can be a big difference in speed and accuracy.

 Hyvision has applied its technology and know-how accumulated over a long period of time
 to the degree of the lens position adjustment and to the criteria for judging the accuracy of the focus adjustment result.

System Use
Hyvision-Specific Technologies
  • Camera module lens
  • Adjustment
  • Technology for lens adjustment using SFR and EIAJ algorithm
  • Technology for lens inspection using SFR and EIAJ algorithm
  • Technology for Parallel / MIPI / DP image capture
  • Technology for motion control 
  • Technology for an vision algorithm optimized for the camera module

The Hyvision Focusing System applies its two related technologies to produce higher dimensional results.

Auto Focus Technology

It automatically focuses on a specific subject
 by using an AF actuator that can move the lens module up and down for its optimum positioning

Optical Image Stabilization(OIS) Technology 

It keeps the amount of light entering the sensor constant,
uses a gyroscope to detect the motion of the device, and correct the torsion by moving the lens moves accordingly

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