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Product history

2020Triple-camera Active Align
V6(SBC Grabber)

2019Dual-mode active align tester
ToF tester
Grabber board (Cphy & Dphy combo)

2018Dual Camera Calibration
Camera Module Tester
(CCM Focusing Check Test System Under Different Temp)
V5FP-Dual Image Grabber

2017VCSEL Tester
IR Camera Tester
Camera Moduel Tester(Integrated Up/Down ester)
OS Test Board
TEX Controller & Block

20164beam UV Cure System 
5aixs Stage 
V5U-CP Image Grabber 
Dual Camera Focus Check Tester 
Dual Camera Calibration Tester 
DP Grabber Board 
Window Glass Tester

2015Camera Module Tester (Up Tester & Down Tester)
OIS Tester
V5U-2G Image Grabber
Linear Motor

2014Pre-focus Tester 
Touch LCM Trace Detection Calibration 
Machine V5FP Image Grabber

2013V5U-R2 Image Grabber 
Lens Focus Tester

2012PKG Sensor Image Tester

2011Focusing Adjuster 
Final Tester 
Color Calibration Tester

2010CCM Protection Tape Attachment System 
CCM Full Automatic Tester

2009CCM automatic final tester 
CCM automatic focusing tester

200816M Pixel Image Grabber
4G PCle CCM Tester

20063G PCI 8M CCM Tester(V3i)

20042G USB2.0 CCM Tester
USB2.0/8M Pixel Image Grabber

2003USB 2.0/1.3M Pixel Image Grabber

20021G USB1.1CCM Tester

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