Awards and Intellectual Property

History of new technology development

We now have a total of 80 patents.
It has developed more than four new technologies each year since its establishment in 2002.
We have been building its intellectual property more and more not only in its core technologies (image processing / signal processing / motion control) but also in its new growth engines researched and developed by various in-house ventures.
With these capabilities, we are still making history today to develop more useful and innovative leading technologies.

Intellectual Property

Practice of corporate philosophy proven by certificates and awards

We have been recognized as a creative and challenging company based on its outstanding technology and know-how
and has been designated as an 'INNO-BIZ' and 'Innovative Small Business (INNO-BIZ)'.
Since then, it has been awarded a prize from the President for its contribution to the development of the national industry
through the promotion of small and medium enterprises, trade promotion, commercial and industrial development,
 venture industry development, and local economy revitalization.
We operate its environmental management system (EMS) and quality management system (QMS) that meets the standards specified
by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
At the same time, it is regarded as a good taxpayer that sets an example for the settlement of advanced taxation culture.
We have been proving that we are striving for the common good of humankind not only in the result of business but also in the process. 

Hyvision system INC.(U.S)

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Hyvision system H.Q

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