in the informatization, judgment and

classification of objects.

HyVISION SYSTEM is ‘a company that specializes in the information, judgment and classification of objects’

has been leading the future with the goal of contributing to humanity.





On the basis of our core technologies
(Image Processing, Signal Processing and Motion Control) 
We will be a major player leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution
through the combination and convergence of
existing technologies and new technologies.

Our ‘Image Processing Technology', its starting point and pivot, has evolved into a level
that enables images to be recognized and to make more accurate judgments and information than humans.
Its technology-intensive 'Image Grabber Board, Vision Camera and Vision Algorithm' has been recognized
for the world’s best performance in the field and has shown its depth of technology.
Our 'Motion Control Technology' has actualized precise motions corresponding to the readout results through its image processing technology,
various sorting operations and facility automation.
In order to implement more efficient and advanced facilities,
it has continued to carry out various robot studies, ranging ‘from articulated and SCARA robots to collaborative robots’.
Recently, 3D sensing and various smart functions have been added to the camera module.
For this reason, we have also taken the lead in introducing ‘new functional core parts and facilities’
by applying various 'Signal Processing Technologies' which it has already accumulated over the years.

For the ‘common good’ of humankind,
we ‘challenge’ the work of ‘creation’. 

We believe valuing the three values (‘Common Good, 'Creation' and 'Challenges') highly is
nourishment that can make our goals solider and firmer.
Therefore, we have been boldly and persistently challenging our creative activities to provide a better life for me and my neighbors
by creating new things that have never existed in the world.

Common Good

We believe that the technologies we release to the world will contribute to the quality of our lives. Thanks to our technologies, we think of the neighbors who are going to use our products with new features and with safer/higher quality. Therefore, we have tried to make more people benefit from these products. 


To make profits simply, we do not imitate or follow existing complete technologies and other company's business items. We have been concentrating our efforts on creative activities in which more than 70% of our workforce is committed to R&D.


No matter how hard or difficult the process is expected to be, we have challenged technologies if they are essential for product performance and safety. Endless challenges not only has improved our strength but also has enabled us to accumulate know-how and wisdom which have become our DNA.

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